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Also a 100 Touch 3 group

This machine has had some use, but has been fully updated with the latest generation Touch pads and wiring looms and is running sweetly. It is a 3 group in anthracite (dark grey) featuring La San Marco's exclusive DTC for superior temperature stability $5,500+

Great Range Of Spare Parts

We stock a great range of La San Marco factory spare parts including naked (bottomless) portafilters, most size filter baskets, head seals , screens, steam wand assemblies, group assemblies, etc  as well as accessories (tampers, brushes) at NZ's best prices.

CLASS system for Leva models

The new CLASS system for Leva machines reduces the return speed of the lever, even if the ports filter is empty, eliminating any risk to the operator. Downward pressure on the lever is also reduced, so helping the barista to closely monitor the extraction. 

Lever machines provide the original, uncomplicated way to provide for pre infusion, variable extraction pressure and provide an authentic touch to the cafe.  The CLASS system is patented by and only available on La San Marco machines

"New" 80 model Leva 

"New" 80 model Leva 

one group 85 Leva

85 one group Leva


Spare Parts

We have a great range of all commonly consumed parts with easy, quick access to the full range at NZ's best prices, along with 19 years of knowledge and advice. We also specialise in hard to find parts for the older FCS models for series 75,80 and 85

Refinements on the traditional and all new

Pre-infusion, variable bar pressure through the extraction? Rediscover the Leva (lever) available in Both 80 and 85 model.

New multiplier 105 available with digital control and separate boiler for each group.

Refinements to the 100 Touch line with digital control, DTC

"Instant" grinders dispense directly to group handle. Smart technology detects single or double group handle 

New products at Host 2015 Milan

Host 2015 Milan was a great opportunity to reinforce  Extraction Specialists nearly 20 year relationship with La San Marco and get updated with some new products as well as refinements to some of the existing lines of espresso machines and grinders

100 Touch 2 group with DTC

100 Touch 2 group with DTC